Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 10, 2009

I especially love the Pawn Pannity and Pill O’Preilly shows

From the Haven’t-You-Got-Anything-Better-To-Get-Worked-Up-About-File:

In the middle of a celebration of its 40th anniversary on the air, a conservative blogger this week accused the long-running children’s show, “Sesame Street” of being slanted towards political liberalism. At contention is a two-year-old segment in which an imaginary cable news channel known as “POX News” was defined as “trashy” and more worthy of watching because it was grouchier than another imaginary channel, GNN, “The Grouchy News Network.”

A blog known as Big Hollywood criticized GNN’S founder, Oscar the Grouch, as being “one more solider to the Left’s War on Fox News.”

Oscar the Grouch

The same blog entry later dug up at decade-old whine about the Teletubbies, noting that “…One can be forgiven for taking a second look at that Teletubby with the purse… He DOES seem a little gay, doesn’t he?

After about 800 fretful words about the left-wing bias of Sesame Street, the Teletubbies, Anderson Cooper, NPR and the NEA, the right-wing blog wound up by reassuringly patting itself on the back, noting that “we have the cool kids on our side,” including über conservative crybaby Glenn Beck and self-satisfied professional snark Dennis Miller.



  1. Now, really, how left-leaning can they be, given what I heard on NPR this morning, that “Oscar will never live in a recycling bin”?

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