Posted by: cassymuronaka | November 4, 2009

I’ve been swined

So it turns out that the paranoid-looking woman wearing the germ mask all the way from Albuquerque to LAX on Sunday may have had the right idea after all. Yesterday afternoon I received the confirmation call from my family doctor that, yes, I was the proud owner of a body chock full of an active H1N1 virus.

Swine Flu

During the course of this revelation, I kept Dr. Karan on the phone a bit longer than was necessary, not so much due to my anxiety over the swine flu but because he has the same mellifluous accent of the Indian nerd genius Raj, on the “Big Bang Theory,” who I find completely charming.

Despite still feeling like I have a brick at the bottom of each lung, I have suffered through far worse cases of flu. And that means I am a very lucky girl. The fever appears to have abated, and my idea to prop myself up on about 100 pillows at night was probably a good way to combat the bronchial problems that have made my chest perpetually sound like I am rattling a stack of papers.

Both of my anxious dogs calmed down today. Over the weekend, they trailed me fretfully, as I reeled between bedroom and bathroom. Apparently, the animals have stopped worrying about me, so I guess I can stop worrying about me.

The trick now is to keep the rest of the family in good health. I brought my son to the doctor’s office for the nasal vaccine on the same day I came down with the Swine Flu. Here’s hoping he got the viral weapon soon enough. Since he takes a bus to college and to his job at a supermarket, and since his best friend already exposed him to the flu a couple of weeks ago, Jake already has been thrown to the germ wolves and appears to have emerged unscathed.

My husband, the iconoclast, has declined vaccination, preferring to roll the dice.

After my phone call with the velvet-voiced Dr. Karan, I decided to do the world a big fat favor and just stay at home, not even attempting the shortest of errands, until I stop hacking and wheezing. I can renew the library books by telephone. And the freezer is so full that I’ve almost broken a foot a couple of times when packages of frozen whatever have tumbled out of a poorly-packed door.

I won’t get bored in my isolation. There’s that massive pumpkin I never got around to carving for Halloween. Cutting that thing up ought to occupy me for a morning. Then I can spend the rest of the afternoon researching pumpkin recipes. We can have pumpkin for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for New Year’s, for Valentine’s Day and even on St. Patrick’s Day.



  1. Ugh on your flu! I just baked some Bacon-Cheese-Scallion Scones (King Arthur recipe, go look it up!), and they are magnificent! Wish I lived next door…I would bring one over to you.

    • Oh gosh, and I promise you I would eat it. Thanks for the thought….and the recipe suggestion.

  2. Many thanks for keeping the swine flu to yourself. You will win many karma points in the end.

  3. Cassy, send your husband to the local Trader Joes and pick up some vitamin D3, 1,000mg. Have them take 3 or 4 a day. Does wonders for the immune system. And in the case of your son could prevent the immune system ‘storm’ effect that young people sometimes suffer with the H1N1 virus.

    Start taking some yourself. OK?

    • Thank for the advice, Nancy.

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