Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 31, 2009

Okay, just one more Halloween post

Near the end of tonight, I was almost dropping fistfuls of candy in the bags of what few trick-or-treaters showed up at our house, because the evening was pretty much of a loss for me and my big witch hat.

Despite the low turnout, one of our dogs was in heaven. This old animal can never get enough attention, particularly from squealing young girls. Fortunately, those were our primary visitors tonight, and they arrived in a fairly tight time clump, so the aged beast could just wait patiently at the open door for the next group of shrieking and head-scratching arrivals, instead of constantly having to creak down a set of stairs from the living room to the foyer.

Red Dog and trick or treaters

When I first moved to this house, the neighborhood annually went through a Halloween assault by doorbell-ringing candy lovers, but over the years, the action has shifted to La Subida Drive, a well-traveled thoroughfare about two blocks away. It’s 9 pm here, and my husband, who just arrived home from work, says that right now La Subida looks like Sunset Boulevard in 1969.

But it’s all quiet on the western front here, and the evening has been so mellow that, for a while, I was reduced to taking photos of myself in my hat.

Big ole bored witch

Because my husband anticipated another low turnout this year, I was firmly instructed to buy bags of candy that he liked to eat, as opposed to what I will consume (my teenager will eat Leftover Anything with Sugar). I received these orders several days ago because my husband is still bitter about the jawbreaker-sized Lemonheads that I spontaneously purchased in gross two years ago. This year, he wanted less creativity with the Halloween candy and more chocolate.

So he’s got it now.



  1. “… This old animal can never get enough attention, particularly from squealing young girls …”

    That describes me, too.

  2. Glad to hear the doggie had a great Halloween!

    I had so many kids that I was reduced to handing out coins by the end of the night

    • ….and Lemondheads are a lousy candy

      • Ouch! I guess that’s a universal male response to Lemonheads.

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