Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 26, 2009

The Urban Dictionary

Urban dictionary

Like so many off-color but hilarious online creations, the Urban Dictionary can suck up an otherwise potentially productive hour of your life. Not surprisingly, it was founded by a young male with a heavy interest in computers, and probably is updated daily only by the young and snarky.

Urban Dictionary “word” and phrase definitions wander into territory never covered by Webster’s, and most of them sprout out of various popular subcultures. Fifteen years from now, the average teenager will probably blink in ignorance at half of them, but right now, they’re awfully funny.

Highly-rated current entries:

Cyberchondriac: Someone who spends their time searching medical websites for diseases they convince themselves they actually have.

Running Latte:
Showing up late to work because you stopped for coffee along the way.

Dohment: One of those slap your forehead moments when you realize that you’ve just done something incredibly stupid.

Mascary: when a person wears a scary amount of mascara

Facebook crush: Characterized by the unexplainable urge to revisit the friend’s Photos tab repeatedly and checking to see if other friends have written new messages on their Wall.

Afterclap: That last person/people who keep(s) clapping after everyone else has stopped.

Tatoo Remorse: Looking back on a tattoo you got when you were younger, or thought would be cool at the time, you realize the tattoo is stupid.

Sticker Paralysis: The effect caused by having a really awesome sticker and no appropriate place to use it.

Remembeer: The act of remembering, with or without success, a night of inebriation.

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