Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 16, 2009



At the risk of losing the massive readership increase I’ve briefly enjoyed due to my post on increased Halloween marketing — and I think I proved my point through the blog numbers — I’m loping back to familiar subject matter. And that is polymer clay jewelry.

Today’s topic: I wanted new earrings, so I made them.

Actually, I made several pairs. This is partly because “Dexter: Season 3, Disc 2,” arrived from Netflix. And because I am a compulsive little multi-tasker, I manipulated clay last week while watching television’s most likable serial killer slash his way through Miami for four episodes.

My jewelry production has resulted in a resurrection of my formerly barren online Etsy store, an enterprise which has been languishing in a commercial crypt for some months now.

Cynics will observe that I might be trying to take financial advantage of the more than 1,000 people who have wandered my way in the last two days, all due to their love of or curiosity about Halloween. The cynics would would be right. I am currently unemployed and have yet to figure out a way to get someone to pay me for laughing at my own blog observations.

Still….. I make nice jewelry.

So go ahead, hit that Etsy link. Help make Cassy’s Christmas a happy one.

And come back. “Dexter: Season 3, Disc 3” is in the mail.



  1. Uooo—I really like those green earrings with the red crystals. Nice work!

    • Thanks Myra!

  2. I don’t know why, but when I pull up your blog, there is NO Etsy link, and I’m guessing that the other readers can’t get it, either! I’m putting it into the FB comments!

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