Posted by: cassymuronaka | October 6, 2009

Tempting fate


Exactly 100 years after the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, another cruise liner plans to trace the same route during the same time period. Talk about bad juju. You couldn’t pay me to get on that ship.

I like to think that I am not superstitious or phobic, but neither is true. And the Titanic is right at the top of my list of morbid fascinations. I’ve been to all the museum exhibits, I’ve read all of the books, and I’ve seen all of the movies. I even put up a Titanic calendar on the wall of my newspaper photography office during the year when it looked like my section would be closed and everyone would be laid off of their jobs. Each month, as I turned a calender page and the ship began to fall apart and sink, so did my form of employment. By August, the Titanic was flooded, but still afloat. Not so for my job.

The Balmoral is the name of the cruise liner that will set sail in April of 2012. Its itinerary includes a visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where a large number of Titanic victims were buried. On April 14, the night the Titanic fatally collided with an iceberg, a memorial service will be held near the spot where the luxury cruise liner sank.

The Balmoral is not billed as “unsinkable,” but this does not stop me from feeling the fickle finger of fate tickling wildly at my ear. I just think I could find better ways to spend $3,900 on a vacation, particularly on a trip where every little creak and bump in the night is going to make me fly out of bed and throw on a life jacket.



  1. glub…glub…glub

  2. A great post — What a strange world we live in

  3. And can you imagine how strange it would be for someone to give this particular cruise to you as a gift?

    • Imagine the frozen look on your face…

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