Posted by: cassymuronaka | September 29, 2009


With great frustration, I have just returned a rented critter trap to the pet store, because after five days, instead of nabbing a stray rabbit, all I caught was the world’s stupidest cat.

Although bunnies are not known for their fearsome brainpower, the one that has been living part-time in my front yard for several weeks has turned out to be far craftier than expected. It approached the cage all right, but then it flopped on the ground right beside it and stared me down, easily communicating to me how unhappy it was that the big wire thing was sitting on top of the pleasant little hole it had dug for itself. Also made clear to me was a serious lack of interest in carrots, carrot tops and apples; yesterday’s menu du jour.

Meanwhile, among the hunters in the neighborhood, the cats have turned out to be about as bright and stealthy as Elmer Fudd.


Today I caught the lamest of the bunch in the useless spring-trap. And it was not unanticipated, because this particular feline has increasingly loitered near the water bowl that I place daily by the rabbit’s favored afternoon shade spot, a bowl I had moved inside the cage.

We could immediately hear the cat’s plaintive howls as soon as we climbed out of the car, following an early-morning errand to Manhattan Beach. The young animal probably spent about seven hours contemplating its self-inflicted state of misery before my husband stopped laughing and opened the cage door. The cat shot out of there like someone had set its tail on fire, no doubt headed for its own yard, where I assume it will nurse its pride for a week or so.

David and cat2

The rabbit remains at large, still enjoying the the many varieties of grass and unpulled weeds the neighbors have to offer, and still reveling in the freedom that comes with being an Escaped Pet.

It now may be up to someone else to try and “rescue” the hare from far more intelligent cats and swift owls.

As for me, I suppose I just ought to be glad that I didn’t catch a skunk.



  1. Hysterical!!!! Couldn’t stop laughing and appreciating the fact that the cat looks a lot my my dear, LuLu Dimwitty!!!

    • Thanks Susan!

  2. Thank you for the laugh Cassy! That is too funny. Maybe that’s how our genius cat spent the three days he went missing last spring.

    • I forgot to thank you for the compliment, Heather. Sorry it took so long to do this….

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