Posted by: cassymuronaka | September 11, 2009

We named it “Kendra”


In the middle of my urban setting a sleek white rabbit unexpectedly arrived in my front yard last week, complete with blue eyes and a pink nose. Of the three of us, my husband has fallen the most soundly in love with the creature, refusing to put up flyers in the neighborhood, and already planning the serious talk he needs to have with our two hounds about their new Friend, one who should not be viewed as Lunch.

Right now the bunny spends 3/4 of the day with its rump firmly up against a thorny rose bush or gnarled tree, instinctively protecting itself from the newly-watchful screech owl living in a tall tree a mere 100 feet away from us.

Clearly a former pet, the little animal allows slow-moving humans to approach, squat, and provide bowls of food and water. In the early morning, it moves to my driveway and sits under one of our cars, enjoying the parade of kids heading for the elementary school eight houses away from us.

The presence of a white rabbit has not escaped the children. I have looked out of my upstairs window any number of times this week to spot a couple of nine-year-olds standing thoughtfully in my driveway, eyes angled in the rabbit’s direction.

After alerting the surrounding houses to the fact that we were were more or less in possession of a spare hare, one of our neighbors declared that his cat, an enthusiastic hunter, had recently deposited a trophy for admiration on his front doorstep. It appears that the deceased brown rabbit must have been the former companion of the animal camping in front of my home. This sad bit of knowledge leads me to believe the the two bunnies did not escape a yard, but were dumped and turned loose in the neighborhood.

Our rabbit might be a little craftier than its buddy. Yesterday, it declined to enter a borrowed wire squirrel trap, despite the presence of gourmet greens.

So now, when I should be returning hardbacks to bookcases, re-hanging draperies, and adding finishing touches of paint to walls my son has already chipped, I am spending too much of my day trying to make friends with a white rabbit, attempting to scratch and catch, while also keeping my own big blue eyes trained on the screech owl and the fleet of interested neighborhood cats.



  1. What a beautiful rabbit!!

  2. How do you deal with a white rabbit?

    All together now…”One pill makes you larger · And one pill makes you small · And the ones that mother gives you · Don’t do anything at all · Go ask Alice..”

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