Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 19, 2009

Vampires I have known


Yesterday, on what will be a rare Tweet, I felt compelled to announce that I “never met a vampire I didn’t like.”

I’m not sure why I posted this, but I do know that I was filling out some insurance forms in the morning. By afternoon, I guess I’d made a mental leap to the word “bloodsuckers,” which, in turn, apparently led me to vampires and their latest visual incarnations. These would be found in the television cable series, “True Blood,” and the novels/film, “Twilight.”

Unlike the movie and book vampires of my youth, both of these series are about protective, lovesick and ravenous vampires. But one of them is full of doe-eyed adolescent longing in misty Seattle and the other ripples with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll in humid Louisiana. You guess which one I watch.

About the only vampires I haven’t sampled in gross quantities are the Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing movie cheesefests and the 1960s-era afternoon soap opera, “Dark Shadows.” To me, neither Barnabas Collins nor either of the Brits ever traded in much sex appeal. And that’s a Numero Uno vampire requirement. Being terrifying is purely a secondary attribute.

But really, forget being scared to death. Anything can scare you to death. Clowns scare people to death. But remaining sexy under all that Kabuki white make-up, well, that’s a gift.

Thus, I must disagree with much of “Entertainment” magazine’s recent list of “20 Greatest Vampires.” Not only would I not put Christopher Lee at the top of it — although he absolutely killed in “Lord of the Rings” — I certainly would not have left Louis Jourdan and Frank Langella off of it. Of all of the many realizations of Bram Stoker’s famous 1897 novel (and yes, I’ve actually read “Dracula”), Louis Jourdan’s 1977 BBC version was probably the best sexy-scary of them all. Frank’s movie wasn’t half bad either.

And believe me, Bill and Eric alternately steaming up the southern swamps rates them several notches higher than robotic teen dreamboat Edward Cullen.



  1. WTF? Where are Angel and Spike?????????

    • Vampires are such a personal issue.

  2. Louis Jourdan — best ever

    • Thanks for the validation! It’s an old three-part series and I don’t think a lot of people remember it. I don’t believe that it has ever been repeated.

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