Posted by: cassymuronaka | August 6, 2009

Facebook Scrabble


I come from a family of writers, so we all have a lot of big thoughts and know any number of seven-letter words. Yet, since my husband invited me to participate in Facebook Scrabble games, the only impressive words I’ve been able to produce have been those with four-letters.

Facebook Scrabble is a very different beast from Board Scrabble. Words are slapped down that no one on God’s earth has ever uttered, and games go on for days and weeks. Online resources are permitted, most of which have to have been written by people with way too much time on their hands. Who else would have made the effort to compile a list of words that contain three of the letter “A” or ones that “begin with a “Z” and end with a “Y”?

Facebook Scrabble strategy can be maddening for the verbally arrogant. People are who used to blowing their competitors out of the water during board games, with words like “hecktare,” suddenly find that seven-letter words can come back to bite you viciously in the rear. Such words open the board up too widely for other players. Instead, Facebook Scrabblers often try to produce several small words in one move, keeping the options for competitors as limited as possible, while racking up points for more than one word in one fell swoop. So popular are two-letter words that Facebook keeps a list of them permanently posted at the game site.

In an effort to successfully swim with the sharks, I’ve decided to find a little Facebook Scrabble niche. Right now, I’m trying to memorize all the “Q” words that don’t need a “U.”



  1. LOL!!! This is crazy, but I might have a chance with all two letter words. heee hee.
    there is more than 1 two letter word that starts with q and doesn’t have u??
    I want to see this list. Thanks for the chuckle.
    Love and hugs.


    Now you can kill.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! LOL!!

      And we have had the pleasure of being with and watching you. We are indeed all blessed then, aren’t we Cassy?
      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Love and hugs.

        to Marie.

  3. i encyst that the word on the bottom right is not really a word.

    • I don’t doubt it. The difference between what Facebook and Webster’s each recognize as part of the English language is remarkable.

  4. Cassy! you must never, never utter another word about “people with too much time on their hands”.


  5. No wonder I’m losing! Okay, I’m going to start a new game, and we’ll play it as the verbally arrogant swine we are! (I’m just inviting you and Amy.)

    • Amy’s move!

      • Not seeing how to play…

      • Amy’s move reminded me that she spent too many years as a Comport–she learned from her sister-in-law that one should try hard to keep anyone else from being able to put up a word. EXACTLY the kind of play that you described in this original blog post and that I was hoping to get away from!

        I think I’m not made for online Scrabble; I dislike the killer instinct.

  6. I just checked the Lucky Me game–it’s nice & open! No head-pounding strategy required! And WHAT A SCORE, DAVID! Jeez! (I don’t mind losing; I like the relaxation of a non-competitive game.)

    • A contradiction in terms.

  7. Bitch.
    Actually, I’ve discovered that the killer instinct is all my own (I think…). And it’s really strong.

  8. Wow, you’re as mean as my daughters!

    Cassy may have to delete your comment; this is sometimes a professional link for her. BUT DON’T DO IT FOR THAT REASON, CASS, DO IT BECAUSE AMY’S MEAN!

  9. It’s fun to watch sisters fight in PUBLIC, especially when you’ve been watching them go at it since 1962. Too bad Tally and Debbie aren’t here.

  10. I note that your “egging us on” comment about dumping the crazy chick is missing from this blog!

    And where did that phrase come from, anyway? I’d look it up, but I’m already an hour late for my promise (to myself) to get to bed by 10:00 from now on.

  11. I was just rereading everyone’s Scrabble comments. I like Scrabble for its mindless relaxation, which is probably why I’m so anti-competitive Scrabble. Other people, however, relax with CUT-THROAT COMPETITION!

    I had to chuckle at the comment about people with too much time on their hands–I know you, Cohen, and if there’s ever been a time when you’re not juggling 15 things at once, I’m not aware of it! Killer Scrabble, blogging, or any other relaxation suits you…you go for it! Anything that cuts stress makes sense to me, and that’s definitely a to-each-her-own type of deal.


    I don’t know if it was in the official Scrabble rules or just in my household of verbally arrogant people, but we played that the dictionary ONLY could be consulted by someone challenging someone else’s word. (And if you challenged and were wrong, you lost a turn or your right hand or something.) If the challenge was valid, you smugly pointed out the spot in the dictionary where the word would have been. If the challenge was invalid (not unusual, given our mother’s insanely extensive vocabulary), you sulkily closed the dictionary.

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