Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 29, 2009

Lovely Lalique

Lalique Rose Underside

A few years ago, I had the privilege of photographing some vintage Lalique glassware that a friend wished to sell. Allegedly, I was doing her a favor, but In truth, she was helping me out. I was just learning to light and photograph complex commercial items, and I really could not have asked for more exquisite subject matter.

Lalique 2

I have never seen before or since such beautiful glass as the Lalique pieces she lay before me. One was a bowl and the other a vase. The “amber” embellishments of bowl made it memorable.

Lalique 1

The glass of the second item, a type of pitcher or vase called a Chamarande, was remarkable for the opalescent glass from which it was constructed. It caught the light in a thousand different ways, giving off almost an equal number of colors, depending upon the angle from which it was viewed. Most striking was the way light flowed through the two rose “handles” on either side of the vase. Light went in one way and came out another.

Lalique  Chamarande

I spent the photographic session mesmerized by how I could shift my photo lights incrementally to generate completely new effects; now a prism, now a rainbow, now an explosion of fire-lit pearls.

I was very sorry to see the Lalique glass pieces leave my house. But they sold immediately. And I like to think that my loving absorption in the glass at least partly contributed to a monetary recognition of their worth.



  1. I knew I shouldn’t have read it; now I’m sad. What a bonehead I am.

  2. Oh. I can see how you would have become mesmerized by those pieces. The colors are wonderful

    You don’t have the glass anymore, but you do have some awesome photos.

  3. I worked in an auction/art gallery when I was younger, and we would often have Lalique and R. Lalique pieces come through. They were so beautiful, but I was a poor college student so was not able to collect them myself. I have eternally been a fan, though.

  4. Is this glasswork of Rene Lalique still available?
    If so please contact me!?

    Most kindest regards, benjamin

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