Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 21, 2009

Dressed for success

Dressed for Success1

It’s Emmy Awards time, and that means I soon will be accompanying my spouse on his several-times-yearly pilgrimage to Men’s Warehouse, where he will once again rent a tuxedo.

My husband is a Photography Systems Manager in the photo department of the Los Angeles Times. One of the few parts of his job that I actually understand is his regular role at the various self-congratulatory celebrations that Hollywood increasingly holds each year. My beloved must make sure that all photographs produced at these events electronically find their way from the photographers’ cameras to the newspaper itself. To do this, my husband has to be on site. And to get in the door, he has to be dressed to kill.

David Muronaka is perfectly capable of acquiring his own tuxedo, but the rental process ranks high in the marital bonding rituals that we have established over the years. For my husband, the appeal of this particular rite lies in not having to make fashion decisions, but merely to note whether he has gained or lost weight since the last rental. For me, well, I get to choose colors.

There were a lot more design decisions to ponder when my husband first began covering the Grammy Awards, the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, etc, etc., but once you have figured out which black jacket is the most slimming and non-threatening to the credentialing department of any given awards show, the choices narrow down to what goes around the neck or whether a vest is being worn.

We like vests, although we ignored ties for a while (I spent several years enchanted with black or pearl throat buttons). And by now, I’ve gone through most of the tasteful colors that Men’s Warehouse offers: Brick Red, Pine Green, Dark Orchid, Charcoal Gray, Pearl Gray … Olive Gray.

Maybe it’s because I’ve begun to exhaust the color chart, but I finally declined to attend The Picking of the Tuxedo during the week or two before this year’s Academy Awards. David glumly trotted off to Men’s Warehouse and, as a result of my absence, veered a little more deeply into Fashion Forward territory than either of us had previously gone. On his own, he chose a vest and tie in a shade that appeared to him as slightly brighter than light peach.

A night or two before the Academy Awards, my spouse suited up for inspection, as well as to confirm the fit of the tux. It was at that point that my 19-year-old and I looked at each other and then broke into a severe case of the giggles. The vest and tie now looked to be somewhat … brighter … than they had been described to us. In fact, they were so electric that they brought to mind one of two unforgettable outfits in the classic slapstick comedy, “Dumb and Dumber.”

Dressed for Success 2

I will be returning to Men’s Warehouse in September, and we will not be choosing any shade of blue when we pick the tie and vest for the Emmys.


  1. Rarely am I struck speechless, but that tux has done it.

  2. OMG you are going to take pictures right?

    Thanks for your reply Cassy, I would love to see that picture again.

  3. The top picture–when was it taken?

    And why no blue for the Emmys?

    • Ha, David Photoshopped his head onto Jim Carrey’s. It’s a publicity still from “Dumb and Dumber.” Jeff Daniels is wearing the blue tux……

  4. I was the best man at a 1978 wedding with a chocolate coat and a peach-colored tux.

    This kind of formalwear used to be routine!

    • That’s as good as anything from “Dumb and Dumber.”

  5. Hi Cassy. Discovered your blog today.
    Oink forever!

    Love, Janice F.

  6. Whoa! HI JANICE. Looks like you’re still practicing law downtown. Wanna email and catch up? I just talked to Martha Welsh Vasquez on the phone today….

    I’ve got a website with an email address,

  7. Will send you an e-mail from your website. Am not used to blogging. Am awed by your creativity. Can’t resist saying: Do you remember the time you ate too many Oreo cookies at a slumber party?

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