Posted by: cassymuronaka | July 14, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair

Dolls, felted

Despite the ongoing L.A. heat wave – or what we call “normal” in July – it wasn’t too difficult to drag my 19-year-old son to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.

I assured him that the vendors were His People and that I would be one of the oldest shoppers there. He assured me that he had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon.


I’ve always loved sleazy downtown Los Angeles, which has never offered the metropolitan appeal of other large cities where people actually work and live. But that has been rapidly changing, as everyone from Johnny Depp to your retired neighbor pounces on the lofts and studios in one of the newly-renovated buildings that yesterday were just a step a way from being torn down.

The garment district is one of the many old commercial neighborhoods now being occupied by twenty-somethings looking for the offbeat, the bargain, and the good time. It’s also one of the few areas where retail establishments are open on a Sunday afternoon.

And L.A.’s first Renegade Craft Fair, already an institution in New York, San Francisco and Chicago with its hip handmade goods, is a reflection of that interest.

Fiber jewelry

This was definitely my kind of summer art fair. It had shaded underground parking and an elevator that zoomed me right to the top floor of the air-conditioned California Mart, where I could view the city as I perused the goods and the people buying them, none of which failed to disappoint.

Some vendors of interest:

Buttons made new into striking jewelry

Unusual fabric jewelry and furniture

South African artwork serving women and children in need

Fun yarn clothing and gift items

Annoyed and endearing plush dolls

Handmade and handpainted accessories

And, the people responsible for the last image, one of many highly entertaining stationery items:

frantic meerkat



  1. Great post Cassy, as always! I love the slab of steak pillows. LOL!! Sounds like a fun day and a great craft fair.
    I love that guy Paul’s hair. Did you tug on it to make sure it was real? That has got to give a guy headaches, doesn’t it?

    • And, as always thank you Marie. The show was a lot of fun.

      As for Paul, he was operating in Too-Hip-Gotta-Go mode and wasn’t interested in talking to the Aged, much less letting it touch his hair. I was lucky to stop him long enough to photograph that hair. I’m pretty sure it was real. It was this beautiful shade of brown auburn, which I’m not sure comes across in the photo.

  2. Hahaha, I love our nun! And I can smack her with impunity, just as they used to do to us kids! [POOM!] There she goes, flying across the room!

    • Thereby working out half a century of repressed rage against Catholicism.

  3. Wait…”repressed”?

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