Posted by: cassymuronaka | June 1, 2009

Revisiting old canes, Part I

Flame Cane Cut reduction

After I gleefully twirled through my newly-organized studio and plopped myself down at my spartan drafting table, it took me a while to figure out my next move. Rather than tackle another room that needs a serious reduction in stored contents, I decided to hide out in the world of polymer clay again.

I needed a little justification for this on a sunny Saturday afternoon, so rather than start a new project with fresh clay, I raided a now orderly cabinet full of boxes of old canes. I told myself that with these I would create wonderful things that I eventually could sell at my Autumn boutique.

However, the first thing I did was relegate a lot of these old canes to the scrap clay pile. Following my last bulldoze through the studio, I sent a lot of elderly millefiore down to the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild, which had issued a call-out for demo clay for use by children during the Del Mar Fair. Despite the hefty box I had filled and mailed, I still have lots and lots and lots of canes.

I had already attempted to recycle some of the remaining canes, but only ended up repacking and reducing them into sheer Butt Ugly. Sometimes when something is awful to start with, messing around with it only makes it truly hideous.

But that was not the case with the canes with which I chose to work on Saturday. One was an old cane that resembled a flame and the others were bargello canes. I also chose to employ patience when reducing the canes, something of which I am not always capable of doing.

I used what I call “The Cut” on the flame cane. I learned it years ago in a City Zen Cane class, and I’ve shown the basic steps here. After you hit the final step, Step 6, you can run with that football any way you want. Combinations using the two canes, separately or together, literally are endless.

The Cut is one of two things I do when when I am mindlessly “doodling” with scraps of clay, the second being construction of Mirror Image pendants.

The Cut produced some produced some snappy beads. I also made a couple of Mirror Image pendants and another pendant for which I have no name (more mindless doodling).

Flame cane beads and pendants

Because of the black mixed in with the orange and yellow in the flame cane, whatever I produce with the beads means that I am all ready for Halloween and the subsequent holiday boutique.



  1. Cassy, I really like the pendant with the spots. Put that sucker on a chain made with your Korean/Chinese knots.

    Tasty stuff.

    • Thanks Nancy, that was my favorite, too.

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