Posted by: cassymuronaka | May 27, 2009

Clean studios, Part II

Clean Studio

Halfway through this week’s grinding five-day assault on my studio, I briefly lost the will to continue cleaning and sorting. As I sat splay-legged on the floor, I was tired and fed up, having completed a giant arc from being unable to discard a single art supply or tool to just wanting to throw the contents of the entire room into a dumpster.

Another disheartened soldier would have gone outside for a smoke and a big think. Instead, I slugged down a diet coke, and with no effort on my part, was led to a divine epiphany: I will sell this stuff.

About five years ago, a couple of friends and I threw a fall holiday jewelry and gift boutique at my home. A year later, I had another one. They were very popular with everyone but my husband and son, who had acted as Cashier and Security, respectively. In addition to inviting friends, family and acquaintances, we also placed large signs around the neighborhood and at strategic traffic intersections.

Unfortunately, the latter resulted in strangers banging on our doors at 7 am, as well as mothers with baby carriages and way-too-curious toddlers wandering in from the streets and trying to bargain down necklaces to 75 cents that had taken me three days to make. These ladies were Garage Sailors and they live by a code: Go Early, Always Haggle.

Several of these women also brazenly ignored two layers of baby gates blocking off the stairs to our second floor, with clearly-posted signs asking, PLEASE DO NOT PET THESE DOGS. One of those two canines gives new definition to the word “neurotic,” and my son almost had a nervous breakdown himself when he saw a woman actually lifting a small child over both gates and down to just above the head of a dog beginning to softly growl.

Following the second boutique, my son, my husband, and both dogs took to their beds for the rest of the weekend, and I have not suggested a third gathering since that time.

However, I have been thinking about one lately, because all of my Chinese knotting efforts have resulted in a growing inventory of new jewelry.

In the middle of my big epiphany, I decided that I could have a concurrent crafter flea market in the backyard.

Thus, monetary desire gave me new energy to complete my sweep of the studio. I decided that my friends and I could hawk our excess tools, books and supplies in the yard while we displayed our jewelry inside in a more genteel manner. Only this time I’d lock the dogs in the bedrooms and limit attendance to invited guests, including people who had a firm grip on their children.



  1. OMG!!! You can see the floor. That is not right, I can not see the floor in my studio.
    A very good job. I am just a little jealous is all.
    Oh and you have been tagged by me. But no worries it is a volunteer position. I just want to give people a chance to enjoy your blog as much as I do.

    • Thanks for the tagging, Marie!

      And don’t worry, the floor won’t look that way for long.
      Hugs back,

  2. I think you need to come organize my classroom now.

  3. any students that you find buried under the rubble, you may sell.

  4. I will be there

  5. Don’t ditch the dogs. How about a big sign that says, “Do NOT Enter. Stupid people will be dog chow.”

    Will save on dog food…

    Count me in on the non-dog chow portion of the event.

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