Posted by: cassymuronaka | May 21, 2009

The Ennis House

One of the great advantages to living in or near a big city is its architecture. There’s always eye candy around, if you’re willing to make the drive.

There are eight Frank Lloyd Wright designs in Los Angeles County, some of which are open to the public.

High on a hill overlooking Los Angeles is the Ennis House, which resembles a 20th Century Mayan temple.

Ennis House

I had the good luck to photograph it on assignment, before the house really fell into serious disrepair. It was damaged in the 1994 earthquake, and a wall fell down during heavy rains in 2004. The city closed the structure in 2005. It is still undergoing restoration and hopefully, it one day will be open to the public for viewing.

And if and when you are able to see the interior, you’ll know it immediately. It was a commanding presence in the classic film, “Blade Runner,” and also made guest appearances in “The House on Haunted Hill” and the television series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”



  1. What? What? What? And I’m only now hearing about this?

    Good timing, though–I’m on my way to school so I can shovel out my classroom before our brand new classroom gets a good look at it, and I was just thinking about popping in some Buffy dvd’s to occupy my mind while I sort & pack.


  2. hahahaha, and just what freudian slip made me refer to our brand new PRINCIPAL as a brand new classroom?

    Martha’s got a brand new bag….

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