Posted by: cassymuronaka | May 12, 2009

Jeff Carlick

The kindest of men slipped away in his sleep last week.

Jeffrey L. Carlick, who threw a clay pot with the same ease as as he photographed athletes throwing fast balls, died too young — at 51 — but left a legacy of work and friendship that most of us would envy. To understand his impact on just on the photographers he knew, wander over to Sports Shooter and see how many of them came out of the woodwork to post when they heard of Jeff’s death.

I profiled Jeff and his fantastic ceramic guitars not too long ago. He also was mentioned in my musings on the tea to which he got me addicted.

He was my husband David’s closest friend, serving as Best Man at our wedding. And he was always known as “Uncle Jeff” to my son who could not have loved him more than if he had been a blood relative.

He loved life, he loved his family, and, as you can see, he loved his new iPhone and his cats.

Jeff and iPhone



  1. Hi,

    I was a friend of Jeff and would like to know if there will be sometype of service and where?

    We worked together on a baseball book that has many great photos of kids playing ball.

    Can you e-mail or call me with the details.

    Thank you,

    Ken Siegler

  2. Ken, if you are on Facebook, visit Jeff’s page. His sister posted some contact info, and you can see other posts about Jeff. Sue’s email is There is a gathering on Saturday afternoon in Redwood City.

  3. My condolences

    • thank you….

  4. […] More than 100 friends gathered in Redwood City last Saturday evening to celebrate the life of Jeff Carlick, who would have turned 51 that day. The party was in the garden of the Main Street Gallery because […]

  5. Jeff, I just started lawn bowling in March where I first met you at The Palo Alto Lawn Bowl Club. We were both leads playing against each other. Thanks for the tips. I just found out of your passing, via The Wicks today. You will be miss by all.

  6. I was very sad to hear of Jeff’s passing. We bowled together a few times at the Palo Alto Lawn Bowls Club, and he was a wonderful person – warm, funny, and full of life. He even let me try his Canon camera around the green. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

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