Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 26, 2009

Knots to you

So I’ve honed in on one knot — the double knot — because it’s fast and it blends seamlessly with my work.

I have learned four knots: the double knot, the flat knot, the snake knot and the cross knot. I’m already in danger of losing the two more complicated knots from my feeble brain, so I suppose I ought to charge up the iPod and practice practice practice.

This notion was reinforced when I picked up some cord at String Arts a few days ago in Monterey Park. The owner/teacher was doing what appeared to be a quick remedial class with an accountant on his lunch hour. While I was selecting colors, we said hello and the accountant grimly advised me not to wait too long between teaching sessions. I nodded dumbly but I think I am already going to have to consult my photos for the snake knot.

But I haven’t lost the double knot. It will be the focus of a demonstration tomorrow night at the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild.

Meanwhile, I continue to employ large polymer clay beads made in Days of Yore. I’ve always liked the green bargello bead, but really never knew how to string it appropriately. I think the bead finally found a home, as did the mokume gane and flower bead.



  1. Cassy, your demo at the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild on Monday was great! The double knot demo was both useful and slightly challenging for us. Which is a nice balance to keep people engaged.

    WAY too late. Must sleep and dream of double knots…

  2. Darn, I wish you had a video on how to do this… do you????? 🙂

    • I don’t, but there is a lot of material available in books and on YouTube. I’ve got lots of books, but I do admit that it’s hard to learn from them. Try YouTube!

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