Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 21, 2009

Tea for me


It takes a lot to get me suckered into purchasing an over-priced anything, but I am going to have to plead guilty to Tea Forté and its beverage “accessories.”

It’s difficult not to be seduced by the charming teacup with the lid hole that permits a sprouting “leaf” of the world’s most beautifully designed teabag to poke through, bringing to mind a tiny plant surfacing from ground to sunlight. Someone spent many long hours in a Product Design department crafting this.

I blame it all on Jeff Carlick, a photographer and ceramic artist, highlighted in a previous post here. I am not a tea drinker, and usually have my arms firmly wrapped around a bag of Peet’s French roast coffee beans. But on a cold, rainy night in Redwood City, after taking in a 3-D showing of “Coraline,” he badgered me into trying a steaming cup of the White Ambrosia Tea, at a local French patisserie.

I almost couldn’t bear to drink it because the presentation was so adorable. The cup arrived on bamboo tray, which contained a perfect little chartreuse ceramic teabag rest. However, I did drink the tea and immediately knew what I wanted for my birthday this year, which was conveniently right around the corner.


The White Ambrosia remains my favorite flavor, and because I normally do not imbibe, I do not require the industrial strength of tea that I demand of my coffee, Therefore, I can double- or triple-dip my teabags for a couple of days. And this small economy will help me rationalize purchasing a lot more tea when I run out.



  1. […] Jeff and his fantastic ceramic guitars not too long ago. He also was mentioned in my musings on the tea to which he got me […]

  2. You’re right: It IS hard to resist something that looks so elegant . . .

    Nice pictures!

    • thanks so much!

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