Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 17, 2009

Now you see it, now you don’t

For the last year I have been grieving the loss of a paper that I was using for a wonderful image transfer technique I’d stumbled upon quite by accident.

I bestowed the name Iluminated Images to what I produced using those transfers on polymer clay. And so they appeared, with crackled metallic leaf melded into the image itself.


But the nationwide chain that carried the paper, which was part of a generic line of computer and stationery products, apparently got a better price for a similar, but not identical, product somewhere deep in China. When the paper changed, my transfer technique flew right out the window.

Since that time, I’ve been like a big rat hoarding the world’s remaining cheese, rationing what little paper I have. And I’ve tried to find out where it originated.

I went as far as actually showing up at the chain’s headquarters in person. Ironically, the Mother Ship was located only a few miles away from me. They were polite and dredged up a couple of packages of leftover paper, but were unwilling to call Hong Kong and pursue the subject, despite the great charm and giant crocodile tears that I presented them.

I have experimented with other papers, but to no avail. It’s all simply gone, gone, gone.

I can still do something visually similar with clear projection sheets. Along that line, I have a pendant project using resin in Sherri Haab’s Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry: Innovative Projects Featuring Resin, Polymer Clay, Fiber, Glass, Ceramics, Collage Materials, and More. There is no transferring involved, but you get the same glorious, luminous effect.


Meanwhile, when I feel like climbing off the Pity Pot and rising to the effort, I’ll let my fingers do the walking again and once more seek out the elusive paper that vanished in a tragic little puff.


  1. There is a transfer paper out there called “Magic Transfer Paper” and sold by Polymer Clay Productions. I don’t know if it will have the same effect you lost, but it’s regarded as the best out there these days. Hope this helps!

  2. Cassy, ok you’ve inspirted me! it’s great that you shared with all of us about about your paper quest, and I love the pieces you put up for all to see. sherri

  3. Thank you Holly, thank you Sherri!

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