Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 9, 2009

Mirror, mirror, in my clay


Scrap clay is not usually a big problem for me, but sometimes I get impatient reducing canes. Let me rephrase that, so it more correctly reads: sometimes I am not impatient reducing canes.

At any rate, scrap does happen.

And because I do a lot of color-gradated work, I found out that canes using these kinds of patterns make the best Natasha/Rorschach beads and mirror image pendants. The color blends add a depth and an enchanted forest quality that I don’t get from solids mixing with other solids.

If you’re lucky, you sometimes get a face to pop out, too. And I think the gradated colors enhance these likenesses and make them more realistic.


Natasha beads always sound like a good idea, but they are hard to use. In order to distinguish their patterns, the beads have to be large. And beads that are too big make for awkward necklaces and earrings, even when the ends are tapered down. I’ve got a ton of them that date back to my Pleistocene Age of polymer clay, and about all I ever do with them is toss them on keychains.


I prefer mirror images, which are Natasha beads that stop at Step One, or the first cut.

I’ve built up a pretty good stash of these, too. They look good framed, sanded and buffed. Making mirror image pendants for me is like doodling with clay. And it’s also why my scrap clay supply is pretty low.




  1. These are fantastic! I could look into them forever!

  2. I love your miror image pendants! You’re right about the gradients looking better than solid colors. So much more dimension that way.

    Also really like the bead caps you made for your Natasha beads. They can often be a little awkward at the ends and you’ve done a nice thing to deal with that!

  3. Thank you, ladies, so much. They really are fun to make, especially the one-color pendants, which I think are just mesmerizing sometimes.

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