Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 8, 2009

Easter-ish Eggs


It has been several years since I went manic making polymer clay eggs. Surprisingly, the chicken eggs were easy to blow out. Even more surprising was the fact that I only broke one when I was covering it with raw clay.

When I decorated the eggs, I had visions of selling them for vast amounts of money. But the labor involved was not really worth what people wanted to pay. Fancy papier mâché eggs are too easily available at places like Cost Plus and Michael’s. Plus, I walked around with my hands locked in painful claws after many hours of sanding cured eggs. The biggest offenders were those grouted with raw clay around canes slices. They required two cures and resulted in a lifetime supply of wet-dry sandpaper purchased in bulk, in grits going from zero to four trillion. Even a modest amount of production work was out of the question after that experience.

So now, I just make one when someone asks me, or when I have a old cane that is still worth turning into something pretty. I have given a lot of them away. Maybe I’ll get around to submitting one for the White House Christmas tree this year.




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