Posted by: cassymuronaka | April 4, 2009


Trying to work these patterns just about snapped my head in half when I first started putting together what felt like tiny jigsaw puzzles. But by keeping it to two colors and their lighter shades, and then three, made it easier to stand back and figure out the big picture. I loved the eventual results and posted the first several series on my website.

However, after receiving a small amount of the Pardo polymer clay at the winter Craft and Hobby Association show, I began making some eeensie weensie canes with a limited palette.

And weird colors they were, as far as cane building goes. I have to say that I quickly ran out of the modest amount of clay I was given, and began adding Classic Fimo to the mix, which I used because it bakes at the same temperature as the Pardo.

I had to alter the way that I constructed these new canes, compared with how I built canes from my earlier Synchronized Patterns pendants. I initially included far too much detail; there were too many colors, too many patterns and too much cane reduction. Eventually, I lightened myself up and created larger and simpler canes. For obvious reasons, I call this series “Chaos.”



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