Posted by: cassymuronaka | March 16, 2009

Sure and begorrah, it’s World Peace

St. Patrick’s Day is close to being my favorite holiday. I know, it’s kind of a stupid celebration to love, but that also might account for its great appeal. It also might be due to the fact that Mahoney is my middle name.

At no other time during the year will you encounter fleets of people dressed in one color for an entire day, whether it’s at the post office, department store or the vet. Even my teenage offspring is a fan, and will run back in the house to change clothing if he has forgotten, and then remembered, that March 17 has rolled around again and he has neglected to wear some form of green something. But then, his middle name is Mahoney too.

I don’t know any March babies whose favorite color isn’t green. It’s my son’s, it’s mine, and it’s the favorite color of a nephew born on March 13.

There’s something endearing about entering your local bank lobby and seeing grown men dressed in pine suits with seafoam Brooks Brothers shirts and matching viridian striped ties. It might be the only day of the year that these guys think about what they are going to wear the next day.

Dressing up for St. Patrick’s day could be a Milk Run for achieving World Peace. It’s is a ridiculously inspiring example of how a large percentage of the people in a gigantic country can unite for just one day over a holiday of little secular import or significance to anyone whose snakes weren’t drive out of their country by a saint. If we can universally bond over the color green for a whole day, who knows we else we could do if we really put our minds to it? General Motors… Chrysler… Ford… this is your cue.

So, even it it’s a strip of green masking tape, slap that sucker on your shirt when you put your foot out the door tomorrow.

And while I am on the subject of all things green, here are some Asian fabric and polymer clay hair barrettes I made a while ago, all, more or less green, their raised textures embellished with metallic creams or acrylic paint.

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  1. The Second Language learners in my room just don’t “get it”, though. They like to wear red no matter what!!!


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