Posted by: cassymuronaka | March 15, 2009

Helping Nana

My son will kill me for publishing this photo but it makes me laugh so hard when I see it that I feel I must share. A couple of months ago, we were out at my mother-in-law’s house in Manhattan Beach, helping out with a few chores and bringing her into the Millenium by setting up her new Mac and accompanying email account.


Nana, as she is known to her grandchildren, has a big recliner chair that none of her them can pass by without collapsing upon it. Jake managed to unhook himself from his iPod before he fell into the chair and sleep immediately overtook him.



  1. He can handle it. One of the many things I like about Jake is his well-developed sense of humor.

  2. Wow. I thought only cats could do things like that.

    Jake is one adaptable kid.

  3. FYI, Jake loved these comments.

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