Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 22, 2009

Prescient presidents

While watching Tuesday’s  inauguration and celebration of our first black president, I could not help but wonder whether if in some small way Morgan Freeman and Dennis Haysbert didn’t help pave the way for Barack Obama’s landslide victory.

Both actors have logged recent and significant cinematic time in the oval office. Morgan Freeman was a calming, reflective President Tom Beck to an asteroid-threatened country in the blockbuster movie, “Deep Impact.” And as President David Palmer on the popular television series, “24,” the handsome Dennis Haysbert successfully suffered through nuclear terrorism, cabinet mutiny, and even the murderous machinations of the First Lady.


For me, it’s as much a no-brainer to accept the baritone-voiced Morgan Freeman as president as it is to see him as God Himself, another role he easily inhabited in “Bruce Almighty.”  And frankly, ever since I saw that movie, I have a hard time conjuring up another more comforting face in times of crisis.


I am clearly not the only one who feels this way.  The commanding presence of the Academy Award-winning Freeman obviously is golden; he is the voice of innumerable public service announcements, documentaries and television commercials.  And soon, he will be adding another notch to his belt of towering personalities when he begins filming a movie in which he stars as Nelson Mandela.

And then there’s Dennis Haysbert, another baritone who for a while now has resided in the “babe” category on my list of favorite actors. At the end of two years of watching President Palmer steer the country through one crisis or another, was anyone still even reacting to the fact that “24’s” first resident president was black?  And has he been believable as our nation’s leader, whose word was always straight-up and solid? Well, just ask Allstate Insurance, from whom Dennis Haysbert currently earns what is probably some pretty nice change as a television pitchman, when he isn’t starring in “The Unit,” another very successful television series.

So, as Barack Obama enters the second day of his presidency, he might want to give a little tip of the hat to the two actors and their countless action-loving fans, many of whom were very conveniently casting their first vote in this election.  At the same time, Obama also should thank his lucky stars that he isn’t married to Sherry Palmer.



  1. There’s a recent New York Times article that suggests the same thing:

    I enjoy your blog, especially the posts about your polymer art.


    • Thanks for sending me the link to the NYT article … and the compliment.

  2. Hey Cassy! Great to see you in blogging land! Keep up the great posts. It’s going to give me something to do while I put off posting on my own blog.

    On a somewhat related note, I was flipping through channels last night and heard Chelsea Handler refer to Obama as our first “half-white” president. She’s got a wicked sense of humor.

    I’m so proud that our country made a vote for change and as of January 20, 2009, I no longer feel the need to apologize to the rest of the world. Go Obama!

  3. Hi Cassy,

    I like your comment on Sherry Palmer. While I was watching all the inauguration celebration, the TV cut to a party hosted by Penny Johnson Jerald, the actress who played Sherry Palmer on 24.

    The hair on my neck immediately stood up as I snarled at her. Then I remembered, she is just the actress…..

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