Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 21, 2009

Covered tins, and strong coffee

I was rooting around in my office/studio this morning, looking for a box that contains even more boxes, only these are small ones made of polymer clay.  I’m doing a demonstration for the Orange County Polymer Clay Guild (OCPCG) next Monday night, and I think I’m going to show how to make one.

I didn’t find the boxed-up boxes, and since my attention span sometimes can be that of a flea until I’ve had my morning coffee, I almost immediately trundled downstairs to see if I had any photos of my little vessels stashed in Ye Olde Macintosh’s hard drive.

I do, but I also came across images of these tins I covered a few years ago with solid colors and little black and white cane slices.  The tins are gone now; I sold them at one of two Christmas boutiques I did in my house a few year ago.  And oh boy, were those adventures into the surreal.   But now I threaten to digress, flea-like.


I guess I am going to have to make more of the tins because now that I see the photos, I kind of miss them. And knowing me, I’ve still got the canes somewhere, because I am pretty sure that I was typically obsessed, once I began constructing them, and continued with reckless abandon until my eyes began to cross.


However, searching out the black and white canes is going to involve going back into that room, which, it grieves me to admit, is the only area of clutter in this house where I bear complete responsibility.  And, if I am going to do that, I really am going to need some strong coffee.




  1. I love your writing style Cassy! And I wish I knew the secret to the great photography of your products! I totally suck at that.

    All it takes is coffee for you to have a decent attention span? I’ll have to drink more of it. I think the internet has made me ADD.

  2. Thanks, thanks and more thanks, Cathy.

    As for the photography, I’ve spent most of my career as a photographer, so I’ve got a bit of a leg up there. But check out
    It has tutorials and affordable light boxes, which are important for a lot of jewelry photography.

  3. Cassy I’m lusting after that blue covered tin. Totally not my style, but I really like it. It reminds me of looking at satellite photos of beaches on the ocean.

  4. […] Covered Tins and Strong Coffee […]

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