Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 20, 2009

Robert Krulwich explains it all for you

Some people want to Prada their lives  and some people want to Martha Stewart their lives.  Personally, I’d like to Robert Krulwich my life.

Krulwich is the veteran radio and television reporter who is able to distill phenomenally complex and boring subjects that you feel guilty not knowing more about into crystalline sound bites.  And because, incredibly, these stories also make the listener laugh, he’s a little bit like Ginger Rogers dancing backwards and in high heels, when compared to the rest of the Fred Astaires in the world of On-Air journalsm.

I always associate Krulwich with National Public Radio, where for many years, he aurally accompanied me on a grueling commute.  While he specializes in science now, at that time I think he was doing mostly economic stories, using an incredible array of entertaining sound effects that would make the audio engineer of “A Prairie Home Companion” envious.  The most memorable of these was a flushing toilet which he probably used to illustrate a point about the Federal Reserve or OPEC.

Right now I could use Robert Krulwich to interpret the tragicomedy known as my Merrill Lynch IRA account, to explain why medical insurance companies don’t have to alert customers when they vastly alter annual deductibles, to tell me how Verizon justifies not making universal jacks on all its cell phone charge cords, and why Ann Coulter is still showing up on talk shows.  And that’s just for starters.

I know that Mr. Krulwich could do all of this and more, but I’m not sure that even he could make me laugh about any of it at the moment.

robert krulwich


  1. Cassie,

    The whole blog…so neat, clean, and interesting!

  2. Thank you, Myra!

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