Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 19, 2009

Michelle, let’s do lunch

My mother excitedly telephoned me yesterday, telling me to look at the cover of Parade magazine, which arrives stuffed inside my newspaper every Sunday.

It seems that Michelle Obama is featured, along with her children and tomorrow’s new president wearing several dress embellishments, one of which my mother thinks “looks just like one of your pieces of jewelry.” And that would be the Kashmirian-style coral, blue and yellow polymer clay pin pictured at the top of this blog page, one of several I’ve been making lately in this color combination.


“Isn’t that nice?” asked my mother.

Honestly, what would be even nicer was if Michelle Obama was actually wearing my pin.  And I guess this is the part where I remind all three of you reading this blog to visit my new website sporting my latest polymer clay jewelry designs, all of which I urge you to study deeply and think about purchasing, regardless of how very poor you are following your wild holiday spending spree. And don’t forget the buttons I am selling at my Etsy site, too.


I cannot really poke too much fun at my mom because she is my greatest fan and unpaid walking advertisement.  For several decades she has volunteered untiringly in her hometown’s Friends of the Library bookstore.  That city is full of very wealthy people, and my mother is not one of them, but you would never know it by how she dresses or how her chic home is furnished, because Mommy has unerring taste and is very clever with her nickels. My mother, who strolls into the bookstore once a week wearing my baubles, tells me that she is invariably complimented and asked by at least one person she encounters that day where she obtained her jewelry.  And it gives her no small amount of pleasure to tell people that these are handmade, once-of-a-kind items, courtesy of her first-born.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit – but not quite – that it gives me no small amount of snarky satisfaction either, because I grew up in that town surrounded by girls with BankAmericards in their back pockets and one pedicured toe out the door to USC.



  1. A neatly done seque (sp?) into your commercial offerings. Liked your Krulwich comments, too–

  2. Thanks……….. Mom!


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