Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 10, 2009

Animal Photos

What is it about animal photos that immediately levels everyone on the same playing field? It’s sort of the emotional equivalent of going to the airport, where Brad Pitt has to take his shoes off and remove the keys from his pocket just like everyone else.

The same people whose eyes roll slowly back in their heads after receiving an email-this-to-ten-people chain letter from someone who they thought knew better, will well up with tears after downloading an unsolicited heartrending animal photo.  My husband works in the photo department of a major metropolitan newspaper, and he routinely emails me images of dogs speeding down playground slides on their rear ends, cats falling off of television sets, and mother ducks boldly crossing highways trailed by a fleet of ducklings.  As someone who made her living as a photographer for nearly 15 years at that same newspaper, I know that it’s almost an animal instinct to stop in your tracks to photograph the animal itself.

hungarian-horse4The joy of these photographs has been somewhat diminished these days by unbridled use of Adobe Photoshop in “enhancing” images.  And let me state here and now that I really can live the rest of my life without seeing another photo of a kitten holding a machine gun or a pigeon reading a book entitled “Pooping on People.”

Most animals are pretty funny just caught in the act of being themselves, although a visit to never fails to perk me up.  In my house, just watching a couple of canines get through the day is known as Dog TV.  So entertaining are these animals to us that I doubt that their lives are less chronicled in photographs than that of my only child.



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