Posted by: cassymuronaka | January 7, 2009

In the beginning

My blog and website finally came to pass because my terminally procrastinating 18-year-old son did not heed my ear-piercing screeches in early 2008, urging him to apply early for what few summer jobs might exist later in the year.  Since no job magically fell out of the sky onto his thick head, Jake’s default summer employment became Helping Mommy.  In June, he was assigned quality time with a Dreamweaver video tutorial and a very large instruction book.  While he figured out the nuts and bolts of how to put it into action, I walked into the Hall of Mirrors that sometimes can be Adobe Photoshop, and designed the site.

Despite the fact that both of us periodically came this close to wrapping our hands around the other one’s throat this summer — and it did take all summer — I don’t think the website is half-bad.  The jury will be out for a while on the blog.


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